AK 47


THC  93.62%



Ak 47 moist vapes cartridges. AK-47 is a F1 half and half from Dutch seed bank Serious Seeds. Made in 1992, its precise heredity stays mystery, yet seed bank proprietor and reproducer Simon says it’s around a 65:35 Sativa/Indica cross breed of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani plummet. Genuine Seeds conveys both ordinary and feminized AK-47 seeds and reports a solid, fruity fragrance from the strain, combined with an amazing, dependable “Indica” high. AK-47 has won 16 honors, including first Hash at the Barcelona High Life Cup in 2005, first Sativa at the Toronto Treating Yourself Expo in 2011 and third Hybrid at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Most cannabis enthusiasts have likely found out about AK-74, the honor winning cannabis exemplary that is still mainstream today. Considered a genuine artful culmination of cannabis strains, she gives pot epicureans the best of both indica and sativa, in one compensating half and half. Probably the best characteristics of the strain are her magnificent high, complex flavor profile and great yields. She has won endless honors, now and again delegated as best sativa or best indica. Purchase Ak 47 moist vapes cartridge Online. Purchase Ak 47 damp vapes cartridges

The reasonable impact of AK-47 is one incredible quality, however she is additionally eminent with regards to fragrance and flavor. Her fragrance blends for the most part acidic and gritty smells. Be that as it may, when smoked, you can likewise taste other agreeable flavors, including botanical notes and traces of wood.

What makes AK-47 a record-breaking most loved among the individuals who like to develop cannabis, is that she is likewise one of the simplest and snappiest developing among sativa-predominant strains. Her vigorous development and the dependable yields, which give the strain phenomenal creation esteem, have made Ak 47 a staple strain among indoor cultivators all over the place.


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