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Kief, keef, keif, or kif, which ever way you like to call it this stuff will get you in the mists. The resinous trichomes of cannabis that If you appreciate the experience of concentrate yet would prefer not to burn up all available resources, KIEF is the ideal choice for you. Sprinkle this in your joint, or coat it after you’ve rolled, or delegated it in your bowl, simply be the residue pixie. On the off chance that you need to get truly extravagant, make a layer of unadulterated kief in your bowl or towards the finish of your joint. When you hit that layer you’ll have a little treat! They are additionally extraordinary option for making edibles because of its intensity of THC gems, you may even sprinkle some in your morning blistering refreshment (works for sweltering beverages), the warmth enacts the THC to produce results. Disintegrate the KIEF a similar way you do blossoms, take it easy.

Suggest for best impact is use as a filler in your joint, bowl, cooking.

Every Container has 2g of Kief

Crossover Indica 55%/Sativa 45%

Divine beings Green Crack is a decent crossover made by intersection God Bud with Green Crack. The two work agreeably to convey both an elevating and enthusiastic head high, while unwinding and facilitating the body’s muscles. This half breed leaves the client with an uplifted feeling of centered vitality, while the indica properties keep both the body and psyche in a casual state. With THC levels extending between 22-25%, Gods Green Crack is frequently used to treat incessant exhaustion, sorrow, ADHD, headaches, queasiness and hunger misfortune.

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