Lemon Skunk


THC  90.75%



A genuinely tall and great delivering plant, Lemon skunk – Dankvapes is actually what the name seems like — an intensely citrus-tinged Skunk assortment with a powerful and loosening up impact. It has the regular Skunk lime green buds and splendid orange pistils, delivering chilly, thick, skewer molded colas.


Differs — some are two Skunks crossed, while others are Skunk x Citral


One of the Skunk strains engaged with Lemon skunk – Dankvapes (for the two organizations) originated from Las Vegas, Nevada and inevitably advanced in some structure or another to Amsterdam, where it turned out to be a piece of the rearing tasks that created the last strain. Lemon skunk – Dankvapes additionally wound up in Green House Seeds’ double cross Cannabis Cup Winner Super Lemon Haze.


Somewhat sweet and mentholated lemon (many state “Lemon Pledge”), with a skunky background.


Delicately sweet citrus with a botanical component.


In spite of the fact that it’s sativa-predominant, this is a somewhat loosening up strain that comforts the brain and body. Whenever let go long it tends to be somewhat foggy intellectually, however ordinarily it’s fairly utilitarian, however for the most part in increasingly inactive exercises, particularly after the principal hour or so when it takes a more indica turn. It accompanies solid eye/face pressure variances, helps with hunger, and assists with general unwinding, both intellectually and genuinely.

Develop Medium

Lemon skunk – Dankvapes is a tall and genuinely branchy plant whose side shoots can match the cola in generally speaking size and size now and again. It reacts genuinely well to preparing and SCROG however most will yield truly well without it. Some substantial sativa plants should be staked, as blooming stretch can make them triple or fourfold in tallness. It’s known for having barely any leaves and being exceptionally simple to nail treatment also.

Starting point

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, at that point to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


DNA Genetics and Green House Seeds both offer adaptations, and there is another BC Lemon skunk – Dankvapes that was offered in seed structure by Jordan of the Islands.

Strain Type

Sativa-prevailing half and half

Blossoming Time

8-9 weeks, some very sativa phenotypes exist in both GHS and DNA seedlines — those can go out to 90 days on occasion.


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